ICLP Alums and Friends

Dear IUP/ICLP Alumni and Friends,

We hope this finds you well and your career thriving. Do you often fondly recall your time studying at IUP/ICLP in Taiwan? If so we have a way for you to recover some of those memories.

2017 will be the 20th Anniversary of IUP’s rechristening as ICLP, and the 55th Anniversary of the program’s establishment on September 26th, 1962. This represents an important milestone in the history of our institution; yet no matter the many changes at our school, our alumni remain our most cherished resource. Input from alumni has been a major component in helping us remain a world-class institute for Mandarin language education. We thank you!!

In order to allow program alumni to communicate more easily with each other, and remain in contact with ICLP, we are creating an ICLP Alumni and Friends Association. We are especially hoping to establish contact with alumni from the pre-email era, as well as those who have changed their method of contact since leaving ICLP. Please feel free to pass on this email to the alumni you know. We welcome ALL alumni to reconnect with us by filling out the contact form at the following web address.
http://iclp.ntu.edu.tw/ information/

Furthermore, in order to commemorate our school’s history, if you happen to have any photos, class materials, or documents from your time at ICLP/IUP that you would be interested in providing for the plan to reconstruct ICLP’s history, please send an email to us at the email address below.

In 2016, ICLP had also established a new website, to provide more detailed and comprehensive information regarding the school. We welcome alumni to LIKE our Facebook page in order to stay up to date on the school’s continued progress. You are cordially welcome to link your profile to ICLP’s network on Linkedin so as to know other former alumni.

ICLP’s New Website: http://iclp.ntu.edu.tw/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ ntuiclp1/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/ groups/2947558

If alumni have any recent developments they would like to share with the ICLP community, such as new essays, research, or publications, please feel free to send email to us at the email address below and we will promptly post it on our alumni page.

We are also looking for donors who can kindly provide funding for prospective students who want to study at ICLP but are not able to afford the full tuition fee. If you can assist these future ICLPers to be more excellent, please follow the following procedures:
http://iclp.ntu.edu.tw/alumni/ index.php?index_id=9

Time passes, and seasons change, nonetheless, ICLP remains deeply rooted in the unique academic tradition of IUP, continuing to provide exceptional Mandarin language instruction to leading scholars and professionals in a multitude of fields. For example, we are one of a handful of institutions named as an official Chinese Flagship program. We sincerely hope that each alumnus will find the time to reunite with old teachers, and return to our beautiful campus.

Chin-Jung Chiu
xDirector, International Chinese Language Program (ICLP),
National Taiwan University

Joseph R. Allen
Professor Emeritus
Asian Languages and Literature
University of Minnesota
IUP/ICLP Alumnus