Collecting Historical Items


The International Chinese Language Program at NTU (Its predecessor was the “Inter-University Program”, or IUP for short, or Stanford Center) was founded in 1962 and has trained many of the current diplomats, academics, and business leaders in Europe and America to be proficient in Chinese. In order to commemorating our school’s history, we would like to invite former teachers and alumni to submit relevant historical documents.
There is no deadline for your submission. Please feel free to contact us any time.

What We Are Looking for

  1. Photographs
    • People:Photos of teachers or students in class/classroom activities/events.
    • Places:ICLP classrooms/facilities or scenery on NTU campus in different eras.
  2. Documents
    • Teachers’ Manuscripts:ICLP teachers’ manuscripts, graded homework assignments, etc.
    • Teaching/Learning Materials:Class schedules, exam papers, grade reports, textbooks, notes, audio recordings of the text, etc. from the early years of IUP/ICLP.
    • Student activities: Booklets, posters, souvenirs, certificates of achievement, etc.

Collection Process

  1. If you submit a photo(s), please include a brief description of the photo (when it was taken, the names of the people or activities, etc.) for easier filing. Digital photos need to be clear and recognizable (300dpi or higher). If you submit an original photo(s), we will scan it for you.
  2. If you submit a document, please also include a brief description.
  3. How to make a submission: Put down your name, when you studied/worked at ICLP, and your contact information and make your submission in the following ways:
    • For digital files, send it with the subject line ”ICLP/IUP@Taipei Call for Submissions”
    • For physical documents, please send it to the following address:
      4F, Language Building, No.170, Sec. 2, Xinhai Rd., Da’an Dist.,Taipei City 106, Taiwan “To ICLP Office 420”
  4. We welcome donations of historical documents/photos any time. We will take good care of them.
  5. Please feel free to contact us any time if you have any questions or suggestions.