The 55th Anniversary of International Chinese Language Program

2015.11.4Project Launch“Restoring ICLP/IUP Historic Materials”–launched
2016.4.17Oral HistoryAn Interview with Prof. Shou-Hsin Teng (Director of IUP)
2016.10.3 ~2017.9.30Showcase“Looking Back at the History of ICLP/IUP” Posters— displayed in the ICLP corridor.
2016.10.5HistoryColumn on the ICLP/IUP History in Biweekly E-newsletter “ICLP Bulletin” Begins
2016.10.6Oral HistoryAn Interview with Prof. John Crespi, Colgate University (IUP Alumnus, 1988-89)
2016.11.4Lecture“History of Taiwanese Aborigines and Current Issues” / Dr. Kerim Friedman, National Dong Hwa University (IUP Alumnus)
2016.11.21Oral HistoryAn Interview with Prof. Chih-p’ing Chou (Director of IUP)
2016.12.7Oral HistoryAn Interview with Prof. James E. Dew and Prof. Vivian Ling (Directors of IUP)
2017.2.2Oral HistoryAn Interview with Prof. Albert E. Dien (Director of IUP)
2017.3.30Lecture“What Kind of Tea for What Kind of Person?” / Prof. Chang Show-foong (Lecturer of IUP, 1960s)
2017.4.7Lecture“Collaboration as Resistance? The Defense of Taiwanese Identity” / Dr. Evan Dawley, Goucher College (IUP Alumnus)
2017.7.7Lecture“Taiwanese Popular Religion” / Dr. Paul R. Katz (Program Director, Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation, IUP Alumnus )
2017.7.19WorkshopTeachers Workshop: “The Expectation of the Small-group Teaching” / Li I-Hao (Prof. University of California, Berkeley, Senior Lecturer, IUP 1973-1985)
2017.9.19Oral HistoryAn Interview with Mr. Bryan K. Beaudoin (ICLP Alumnus, the first student editor for ICLP Bulletin)
2017.9.27Oral HistoryAn Interview with Prof. Chiang Xun (Lecturer of IUP, 1970-72)
2017.10.6Lecture“Japanese War Crimes Trials and the Dissolution of the Japanese Empire in China” / Prof. Barak Kushner, Cambridge University (ICLP Alumnus)
2017.10.11Oral HistoryAn Interview with Prof. Ma Guo-Guang (Senior Lecturer of IUP in the 1970s)
2017.10.13Lecture“Intellectual Property Rights” / Dr. Peter Dernbach (ICLP Alumnus)
2017.10.27 ~2017.12.29ExhibitionNTU’s Cosmopolitan Quarter: Historical Exhibition of the 55th Anniversary of ICLP
2017.10.27ForumThe First ICLP Forum